Sunday, 30 December 2007

GNP to be royally screwed?

So Mahinda darling is at it again. Its amazing that his ego hasn't caused his head to explode. Yet. We live in hope. The village thug continues to casually flick away any who don't recognise that the red scarf means Royalty. A passport to an ongoing party for all obliging relations and bum sucking followers.

Looks like Peter Hill ignored the memo, good on him. So he's getting thrown out of his hut. All in all a rather good story to chuckle over since no one got hurt except of course for fair play, democracy, the reputation of SL in the eyes of the rest of the world etc etc and those things are on its way to extinction anyway right?

And then my mother pointed out a worrying connection. Makes me realise I should take her seriously once in a while. Peter Hill works for Emirates. Emirates is wholly owned by the government of Dubai.There is a scary math coming up here. According to the CIA World fact book:
"About 800,000 Sri Lankans work abroad, 90% in the Middle East. They send home more than $1 billion a year"

GOSL just gave the government of Dubai a back handed slap in the face. Whats to stop them from cancelling/ refusing to issue any work visas? Leaving aside the lack of any proper labour laws protecting all the migrant workers in the UAE and surrounding countries which is a serious but completely different issue, the fact is that we rely on them to an extent that does not seem to be recognised. I've got this image in my head of the GNP deflating with a thin whine, a sad little balloon with a rather large hole. If only that buffoon's ego would go the same way.

The only thing there seems to be to fall back on is that there WILL be a specially horrible place reserved for him in hell. Or all his afterlives will be absolute misery. Its difficult to understand how someone can live so entirely without regard for the future. Surely, at some point every thinking human being would stop and reflect? As much as its tempting to call him names and go on long tirades, he does have a brain in there somewhere [altho one does wonder sometimes].

In politics especially as with pretty much everything else, theres a give and take. Actions have reactions. You can't always get what you want. How can he be behaving like such a child? Leave aside the rest of the country, because thats perhaps easy enough to forget when on such a power trip but what about his individual future? Every religion, belief system has a balancing of the scales. If you do good, you get rewarded whether its in this life, the next life or the afterlife. There is punishment for causing suffering. What goes around comes around. Some level of his subconscious is not in denial and knows that he's plundering and exploiting things that do not belong to him. Surely he has nightmares. Even if its mainly from eating too much rich food.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

All you need is love?

If I went all out hippie/bohemic crazy, would he still love me? He finds the hippie streak attractive, of course.. its different, its interesting, adds a small unpredictable element, but if I stopped squashing it, if I suddenly decided that today Im going to live in a cliche' brightly painted VW, spreading the love denying tedious reality, could he accept that? Loving someone 'just as they are' is flung around so much its just a blur. Thats the problem with finding a potential Person [with a capital] too early - quietly, oh so gently you start to pick and choose. The bits they dont like gets hidden, rubbed off. The bits they like are painted over, darkened, highlighted. And then suddenly you look back and realise you're still the same person, all the essential components are ticking along as always, just... shaded.