Friday, 22 February 2008


So, four straight nights of alcoholic mayhem, one bone drenching rainstorm, one small teeth chattering hailstorm, and a ridiculously inadequate quantity of sleep later, my immune system is still happy and relatively strong. A little tired, but hanging in there.

Can I just say, I'm kinda impressed?!?!

One more big one to go :D

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Shades of awesomeness!

Commitment phobic, independent spirit, its all a matter of perspective really. All I know is that at this moment in time, I am without a doubt thoroughly addicted to being single. The last couple of nights have been shades of awesome!! :D A heady, exhilarating mix of fun music, crazy theme parties, tequila, vodka, pineapple juice, funky friendly people and general mayhem. Total spontaneity is such an adrenaline rush. Made lots of friends! Including one particular boy *grin* who besides being cuuute, with a damn good body, also had the impressive ability to carry on a hard core politics/psychoanalysis/history conversation at the bar of a club with music blasting out of speakers a couple of feet away. I think I'm in like. So huggable, he was. Anyway, in typically me fashion I disappeared without saying goodbye so he has probably vanished into the universe, but it was nice :) To be honest the highlight of that night was just the dancing, laughing and going crazy. The theme was 'bright and tight' [dodgy, I know] but wearing wildly contrasting bright red, green and orange made the hippie in me so happy. Trust me, the net effect was not as bad as that sounds :D

Really need to work on flirting signal recognition. Its terrible the extent to which I really do not notice all this implied rubbish. Partly because I cant be bothered, partly because c'mon, Aussies are just all friendly and outgoing. Its tough to distinguish between 'hey I think you're fun' and 'hey you might potentially be really fun' [drunken hookup signals are irrelevant]. Plus if you dont know the person that opens up the entire avenue of personality - some people are just really really outgoing.

Anyway, while recovering from severe lack of sleep, overdose of chemicals and the morning after torture from cruel but sexy heels, it hit me that I dont want to give up this freedom for a very very long time. Not just in the partying aspect of life but just generally, the space to do entirely random things, whatever I want, whenever I want without having someone go all sulky on me. It applies to friends too, cant handle clingy people who need to be babysat. *shudder*.

Ok have to continue battle with sheet to turn it into a toga for tonight!

Did I mention, o week ROCKS?

Friday, 15 February 2008

Poor old Saint V

Ahhh V day. I guess Love with a capital is always a touchy subject, so the amazingly emotional reactions makes sense. Anti valentine rants like Kaiser's are so much fun to read, plus anti valentine's day cards and cartoons are so creative! Loving it!
On the other hand, feeling rather sorry for Saint Valentine because he seemed to have been a good enough bloke. As far as the - apparently unsubstatiated but convenient, probably fairy - tale goes he was just a soft hearted priest who couldn't bear to see marriage being banned and therefore performed the ceremonies in secret. If he were alive, he'd probably be stunned at the extremes of animosity and.. cant think of a suitable adjective actually.. sentimentality? enthusiasm?
I for one firmly believe it does not deserve much attention because there arent enough chocolates on sale either before, during or even after the 14th of Feb. Quite disappointing. [Penniless chocoholic student here]. Easter on the other hand is a totally different, very yummy story.

Anyway, this time around the plan was to first of all manage to remember the blooming day [check! erm.. sortof], spread some of the love, msg the good friends etc [check! doing well] and thirdly, try to build a bridge with a particularly difficult friend. Sigh. Its going to be painful, I can tell, probably should have stocked up on m&m's for the ensuing drama and depression. There is ten minutes of v day left, I know I'm procrastinating on purpose... what if he's on some romantic date :D Heh.. that would be interesting. Akward.

Ok here goes.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Knuckling down. Kindof-ish.

The Hippie nose is not happy. Its being firmly held to the grindstone, and told it has to stay that way for the next two weeks. Sigh. I've actually never properly 'studied' for an exam in my life. Always the crazy last minute cram session where normality is abandoned, sleep is a unknown concept, massive quantities of chocolate is consumed and adrenaline keeps the system going. Good times. Fear is by far the best motivator, especially short term. Rather enjoyed the high, especially since it was a shared experience, pre exam nights full of panic stricken phone calls usually because someone couldnt find/didnt have the textbook/notes/anything related to subject. Home science was the 'didnt have anything' subject for me at local O levels. A few scraggly speciman cloths with random stitches was about all. Without exaggeration, everything written down for that paper was learnt about 3 hours in advance. I miss what a bludge those exams were!! Now its all about analysis and application of theory, which of course presupposes that in 12 days, I will know this theory to apply it.


Poor nose.