Saturday, 19 July 2008

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

I love psychological movies. Especially the tearing them apart and have long meaty conversations dissecting them for hours on end. The Dark Knight is also going to feature in my dreams for a possibly traumatic while, I can tell. Fiction is a slanted reflection of the real world after all, even though its not a reality common to all. Thank god, sometimes. Not everyone falls madly in love and insane serial killers are not as widespread as tv shows seem to reflect. 

How many Jokers exist out there? Frustratingly, and possibly deliberately there is no psychological assessment of this maniac - the more or less good guys, in this shades of grey movie are too busy fighting him to figure him out. He has no history and he seems to make stuff up. Abusive father? Lost love? Irrelevant?  

Thinking of burning the world on a large-ish scale, the obvious examples are the LTTE and maybe Al-Qaeda but both those have reasons. What they've done is awful, but waking up at 3am, there are rationalisations which soothe their conscience, even though it may not seem justified to others. Surely everyone has a price in a broader sense of the word: something they want, not necessarily money. So then the Joker wanted chaos? A world tearing itself violently apart satisfied some need for ugliness? For everything around him to be as scarred and freakish as he is? He's just 'a dog chasing a car', no rules, no plans, no 'end' as such just any means necessary. 

Can't think of anyone like him, yet. Can you? 

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Relaxin' awhile, livin' in style, talking to a raisin who occasionally plays L.A..

Ooo it's been awhile since the last post, think I heard the blog gasping for breath, poor thing. Have been indulging in my tendency to swing to industrious extremes, mostly chocolate, sleep and cocktail related. Yum. Nothing like a few tasty sips from a beautifully shaped glass of deliciously decadent liquid to get the party started ;) Which is ridiculous really because alcohol is technically a depressant but anyhoo dimly recall being extremely happy and running around chasing people and being chased on the street. Hmm. 

It's so blooming cold! Getting out of bed or shower is just misery, unless a particularly masochistic mood happens to temporarily descend. OMG those horrible, immoral, heinous, obscene people who open windows of the bus during winter SHOULD BE HUNG. Upside down. On an ice-burg and really, I don't care to bother about logistics. Teeth *clatter* at traumatic memory. I'm a tropical animal, I am. 

Self pitying whingeing aside, it's been a great few weeks,  just a-floating in that jolly ol'  cereal bowl :D [Click here if puzzled].  Although mixed berry jam with the pieces is the best I reckon, so much fun. The producers of The Daily Show have improved the quality of my life immeasurably by finally releasing full episodes, yes!! I love love love Jon Stewart and would marry him in one two-hundredth of a love sick heartbeat. Definitely worth checking out: whenever I get depressed, watching clips of him makes me feel better about the world. It can't be too much of a crazy place if such an anti-absurd aspects of establishment show still gets airtime, albeit at 11 pm. 

Optus snapped a cable in Queensland, leaving a few hundred thousand not entirely happy mobile and internet customers Australia wide. Went into the mall to find some of the stores using the old credit card machines, which make an imprint of the lettering on the card, hehe... been a while since I've seen those! Remember being a kid, jumping up and down in excitement when the girls at Food City let me drag the handle thing across. It's interesting how disoriented and agitated people become without phones and internet, even if its just for a few hours. There were apparently people who switched telephone companies immediately and had a massive yell at the poor Optus store people. Really, a little perspective. After all, this is a country where chances are the problem will get fixed within the half day.

There's excitement in the air - uni starts in less than a week! :D Okay, I'm not a nerd, just a new leaf addict, and next Monday heralds the turn of a particularly big, especially minty new one. Doing a Psych course which is potentially ultra interesting, as well as maybe a drastic change of life direction in the offing. Weeee! Exciting but mildly scary at the same time.