Saturday, 14 January 2012

Plunging in

Heh. So I haven't posted in several years and the spammers have been trying to squat on it presumably with intention of getting their clammy paws on it but its mine, MINE g'damit! This tiny little piece of the websphere with my favourite colours recording some of my favourite rants. Chances are no one reads it anymore but whatevs :D

Anyway, I have the writing bug again! I suspect it bit me because I updated google reader and began to systematically follow my favourite blogs again. 

The craziness began on the road. 

So I'm in the car, being driven back from Melbourne. Phone rings, honours supervisor's number comes up. 

Panic attack. 

There may or may not have been some terrified throwing of the phone onto the next seat and putting a pillow on top of it. 


Fast forward through 2 hours of rumination (The university loves me, it loves me not, but maybe it does love me, oh god it definitely doesn't love me) and l refuse to call back. The Boy, no stranger to these tormented mental journeys waits patiently for some sanity to return. 'You can make concrete plans once you know' he says. Annoyingly rational. Then, finally I am ready. Yes, I can handle the rejection. It will be okay. 

And the phone line is faulty when I returned the call. Of course, right? Of blooming course.

Anyway 12 hours later I found out I got in! Hooray! 

A celebratory evening of friends, wine, pasta and Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog ensued. 

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