Thursday, 13 September 2012


I really do love this blog. Having spent a hell of lot of time procrastinating on it crafting it with just the right shade of orange, which beautificiously [Beautiful + delicious. Anyone scrunching their noses right now go watch Stephen Fry's rant. Booyah!] complements that particular shade of green.... Ok so I'm a uni student its not like I attend class or anything.

So anyway multiple years later, I still nod my head when reading the rants I've published on this about relationships/ people etc and  I'M STILL PROCRASTINATING. Wtf. Now that I'm older, wiser, further into my degree (need to hunt down omniscient being to figure out how that happened), I have a 12,000 word thesis to write in ONE MONTH.  Technically 10 days because my supervisor wants a full draft first.

WHY do I get myself into these ridiculous situations?

On the bright side, my blog title is still relevant. Hooray. 

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