Friday, 28 September 2012

(anti)Procrastination strategy #6574987931

I am a procrasti-anythinger. Why limit onself to being a procrasti-cleaner or procrasti-baker? I will grab at anything - tree branches, thin air - to avoid doing the work I need to do.

HOWEVER, desperate times call for painful, wretched measures. Namely, waking up early in the morning. (Groan) And then, instead of turning to e mail/ blogs and facebook for sweet relief from the reality hangover, I will do some real work.


Im meeting my supervisor tomorrow and currently mid panicked flurry of activity so this fantastical day will probably occur on Saturday. This sums up my life for the last few months... hectic work before meeting -> present facade of diligent student during meeting -> collapse into an indolent pile of glued to tv until the next meeting.

I'm too old for this.

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