Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Humans! Aaargh!

The cray cray anti-Islam video does not surprise me. There are 6.973 billion people on the planet, multitudes get onto the internet every day and the only restrictions on the bullshit they add to the world wide web is their upload limit as per their internet contract.

This article by William Saletan is the best response I've come across so far, its matter of fact and doesn't waste time blaming people or being shocked and horrified.

- He is a lunatic
- He is a criminal
- He is a liar - 'A letter from a scared actress' is the saddening story of how the lead actress in that move was lied to and manipulated.
- He is a manipulator
- All relevant Western organised bodies (state/ private) have condemned the video. 

Don't get me wrong, protesting is a valid and important tool of social and political change. Groups like Avaaz have had noteworthy impact by channelling collective indignation. But seriously you peeps in the mobs, what is it that you want? The Western world cannot, even if it wanted to, control every single hater and what they do with their internet access and their smartphone. There is no screening process for sadism when you apply for technology. There will ALWAYS be people who provoke others by being cruel, vicious, hurtful and insulting. Always. There will ALWAYS be people who lie and manipulate others into enabling them. 

There will be other videos like this. 

My take on the whole heartbreaking situation is that there needs to be a clear, fat, long, luminous line between becoming irate at an individual because of that individual's behaviour and holding an institution/ government/ company responsible for behaviour or values that they endorse. 

San Francisco trams were forced to put anti-Islam ads on their trams, but they countered with style:

New York is coming across a similar problem, after a court order to permit it. Oh, free speech. As wonderful as you are, sometimes I wish my values did not compel me to support you all the time. 

This closely ties in with a rant eloquent blogpost about the Catholic church I have ratting around with the rest of the fluff in my head. Eventually I will write it (potentially closer to when my thesis is due and I have even more incentive to procrastinate) and it will be awesome. Not as awesome as these pandas though:

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