Saturday, 15 September 2012

Spring skiing = tropical version of a winter sport

So its winter, and I'm up at the snow for a week of super intense writing with a dash of skiing thrown in. Unfortunately for my essays/ thesis the weather has been stunning, the ski slopes that I can see from my bedroom window look so smooth and fun. Oh dear.

The Boy organises this trip every year for his skiing friends and this is the first year I've come up. It's been pretty freaking awesome. The ski lodge is super comfortable located on the mountain itself so the highlight is definitely being able to roll out of bed and ski straight out of the lodge.A huge plus is that it's spring - lovely, sunny and warm! Benefits of a winter sport while avoiding frostbitten limbs. Win. 

Yesterday I woke up to snow flakes falling against the window! And it continued into the afternoon to provide us with some pretty awesome skiing! So soft and smooth to glide on. 

 This is the one day I actually managed to get some solid work done. Super yummy banana bread!

Today are some races which I not so politely declined to compete in. Going to cheer The Boy on, and position myself to take photos in the event either he or his sister falls over. Teehee... They've been skiing since they could walk so its hugely more likely that I will trip over myself while stationary on the hill taking said photos.

Its been a great reprieve from real life. Tomorrow I go back to uni and well, uni and oh lets see... more uni! To make up for the last few months of fumbling around with thesis. Who writes a thesis in a week? Me, thats who. Watch me :D

Step 1: Make a plan

Step 2: Stock up the honours room fridge so that I don't have to leave

Step 3: Stay calm

Step 4: Write some stuff. Did I mention my procrastination hasn't improved much? 

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